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Server Infrastructure Hardware - for your Enterprise IT from HAPPYWARE

The operation of individual servers is comparatively easy to implement, but at the least with several servers or entire server clusters in companies, a server infrastructure is required that is designed for these demands. However, with the appropriate server technology, both SMEs and large companies can be in a position to operate their own server systems efficiently and, above all, fail-safe.

Secure, scalable and robust - discover versatile and powerful server hardware at HAPPYWARE. Bring your server infrastructure up to date with our products.

Here you'll find our  Network Infrastructure Hardware

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Server Hardware HAPPYWARE offers: The suitable server infrastructure for every company

To attain perfect technology a company needs to achieve a good overview of its own IT needs. It can easily happen that the wrong server technology is purchased or a completely oversized server infrastructure is created.

At HAPPYWARE we ensure that you receive exactly the server hardware you really need. Our specialists will support you with the following:

  • Analysis of existing server infrastructure
  • Determination of the need for server infrastructure equipment
  • Planning of server infrastructure according to demand
  • Customer support from dimensioning to implementation of finished concepts
  • Installation of individual systems or complete server environment on site

Whether small or large structures, whether physical or virtual server infrastructure - you can rely on our experts. In addition to planning and installation on site, we can also provide you with all of your IT equipment.

We offer you high-performance hardware and software solutions that range from entire servers and storage systems to simple connection cables. This enables us to provide each of our customers with comprehensive support, from the basic idea to the commissioning of the IT system.

Server Hardware by HAPPYWARE - Our products for your server infrastructure

As examples, we can provide you with these products from the server technology sector:

  • server cabinets
    Our wide selection of server racks and accessories gives you all the freedom you need to accommodate your servers.
  • Network engineering
    We carry switches, routers, network cards and cables as well as other server technology for every IT system.
  • UPS systems
    Ensure an uninterruptible power supply of your IT even in acute situations with our high-quality UPS systems.

If you would like to have a detailed look at all the components for server technology, take a look at our shop here: (Insert link:

Server infrastructure Hardware and more: HAPPYWARE is your ideal partner for server technology and technical services.

HAPPYWARE are proud to have been assisting our numerous customers from various industries for many years in setting up their server infrastructure. With our strong service orientation and our high quality awareness, we are the ideal partner for server technology and server based computing - since 1999.

Services for our customers:

  • Expert advice
    Technical expertise is the trademark of our company. You name the requirement and receive the right solution from us. We always align our services exactly to your needs and so ensure that you receive a good and budget-friendly solution.
  • Server technology from renowned manufacturers
    Our company is an official distributor / integrator of many different branded products. These include server cabinets from Supermicro and Triton, UPS systems from Cyberpower and network switches from Arista and Netgear. We can also offer you many other branded products from our wide range.
  • Solid support in setting up a server infrastructure
    Not only do we provide our customers with high-quality server technology, we also set it up as required. Whether you want to modernize an old server infrastructure, need a simple replacement of an old device or set up your IT from scratch - our experts will be happy to help you with all your work.
  • Wide range of warranty services
    Secure your server technology and protect your data centre with our individual warranty packages. From remote support to on-site replacement, our warranty options for each server infrastructure provide the level of protection that meets your needs.

If you would like to know more about how we can technically optimize your entire server infrastructure, please contact our sales department and receive individual advice.