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Server Monitoring and Management : Keeping Track of Server Performance

Virtually all companies now need their own servers . Fast access to centrally stored data, optimised processes, and increased effectiveness are just a few of the advantages that high-performance server solutions offer. The more servers that are integrated into your business processes, the greater the impact of unexpected problems. To consistently track your servers, you need effective software tools for professional server monitoring and management.


HAPPYWARE's IT specialists with their vast experience can provide you with expert advice on your server monitoring and management options.

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Why is server monitoring software tool useful?

IT infrastructure has become the centrepiece of every modern company. If a server fails or encounters complications, it can have an impact on the entire operating process.


A good server monitoring software is tailored to your specific needs and supports you in the following areas:


  • Early detection: Without knowing that a problem exists, you can't take countermeasures. Depending on the set parameters, server monitoring tools notify you of potential malfunctions before any major outages occur.
  • Root cause analysis: The need to know how the malfunction occurred and what measures can be taken to prevent a future problem. A monitoring tool continuously collects data and provides you with a basis for a sound analysis.
  • Planning, effective planning requires you to know the answers to these questions: Are the current resources sufficient in the medium and long term? Are your servers consistently working at full capacity? Are there any preferred times for upcoming maintenance or updates? Using the data from your monitoring tools, you get a detailed overview of the capacities of your servers so that you can plan optimally.


What can be monitored via server monitoring?

Some tools are designed for passive monitoring. The administrator is notified when pre-defined thresholds are exceeded. Other tools allow the programming of active optimisations and interventions. Whatever the case, the aim of automated monitoring is to make the administrator’s job easier.


In general, server monitoring tools can keep track of the following areas:


  • Hardware: Ongoing operation can only be guaranteed if the hardware functions properly. A close look at the server CPU, RAM, hard disks, and other components such as power supply or fans indicates the health of your IT.
  • Accessibility: Optimally, your servers should be available around the clock. If unexpected failures occur, the administrator must be notified immediately for quick countermeasures.
  • Performance: Depending on the type of server, other key indicators must be monitored. For application servers, the focus is on availability; for storage servers, the emphasis lies on capacity and transmission speed.


The market offers a wide range of tools for server monitoring. It is not always easy to find the best solution for your company as the choice depends on individual requirements. Free monitoring tools are also available, as are fee-based server monitoring tools or software as a service (SaaS).


Our experts at HAPPYWARE will be happy to help find best solution for you.   


Server management by HAPPYWARE - professional server monitoring by IT specialists


Small and medium-sized enterprises may need professional IT support, but may not have the capacity for a large IT department of their own.


The solution: Server management by the specialists at HAPPYWARE


As a specialised IT service provider, we not only offer IT systems and servers that perfectly fit your needs, but can also take over ongoing support and server monitoring on request.

This guarantees constant control of all systems at all times. Any problems that may occur are resolved quickly and competently. This results in you being able to concentrate entirely on your core business.


Tailor-made server management based on your specifications - our services at a glance:

  • Advising on the development and expansion of the corporate network
  • Installation and setup of servers
  • Installation of updates
  • Firewall and virus protection configuration and monitoring
  • Continuous server monitoring
  • Monitoring of defined resources (disk space, traffic, disk usage)
  • Monitoring of event logs
  • Immediate notification of critical events and threats
  • Regular status report on IT and server infrastructure


HAPPYWARE:Your Experts for Server Monitoring and Server Management


Whether you need specific software on server monitoring or want to place your server management in experienced hands, HAPPYWARE experts are always happy to answer your questions.