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On-site repair service S5850-24T16B | 24-Port 1G L3 Fully Managed Switch S5850-24T16B HCI 1U Rack L3 Managed Switch S5850-24T16B HCI 1U Rack L3 Managed Switch S5850-24T16B HCI 1U Rack L3 Managed Switch S5850-24T16B HCI 1U Rack L3 Managed Switch
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  • VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, Link Aggregation
  • Static Routing, RIP, OSPF, IPv6 support
  • MLAG Support
  • Data Center
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
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  • S5850-24T16B

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S5850-24T16B - 24-Port Ethernet L3 Fully Managed Plus Switch, 24x Gigabit RJ45, 16x 25Gb... more

S5850-24T16B Product Information

S5850-24T16B - 24-Port Ethernet L3 Fully Managed Plus Switch, 24x Gigabit RJ45, 16x 25Gb SFP28, Hyperconverged Infrastructure



The S5850-24T16B is an advanced Layer 3 Ethernet routing switch designed for high performance. It offers a compact 1U form factor and features 24x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 ports, along with 16x 10Gb SFP+/25Gb SFP28 ports. Powered by the FSOS system software, this switch provides comprehensive functionality, including full L3 routing protocol support (OSPF, BGP, and ISIS), various IPv4/IPv6 tunnel techniques, data center DCB features (PFC/ECN/ETS), and MLAG (Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation) capability.

This switch offers a wide range of deployment options to suit different network architectures. Whether it's fabric, Layer 3, spine and leaf, or hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), the S5850-24T16B is an ideal choice for next-generation enterprise, data center, Metro, and HCI environments. Its versatility and performance make it a reliable solution for demanding network scenarios.


Form Factor:

1U Rackmount



24x 1G RJ45

16x 10/25G SFP28

— MLAG support



NXP LS1023A (A53 CPU/Dual core)


Packet Buffer:



Other Ports:

1x Console Port

1x Management Port

1x USB port


Power Supply:

2x AC hot-swappable PSUs, redundant



2x hot-swappable fans — 2 Fans per Module

SKU Overview
S5850-24T16B 24-Port Ethernet L3 Switch, 24 x Gigabit RJ45 mit 16 x 25Gb SFP28, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Support MLAG

Datasheet for S5850-24T16B

Ports 24 x Gigabit RJ45, 16 x 25Gb SFP28
1G port density 24
10G port density 16
25G port density 16
40G port density -
100G port density -
10G port density with breakout cable -
25G port density with breakout cable -
Management ports 1
Console port 1
USB port 1
Memory and processor
CPU NXP LS1023A (A53 CPU/Dual core)
Flash memory 4GB (eMMC)
Latency 0.57μs
Packet buffer 4MB
Power Supply and Fans
Power supply Dual 1+1 redundant power supplies (AC)
Fan number 2x Hot-swappable Fan Modules (2 Fans Per Module)
Airflow Front-to-Back
Acoustic noise 46dB
Maximum fan speed 9000rpm
Max. power consumption 70W
Power max rating 55W
Input-voltage range and frequency · Rated voltage range: 100-240VAC; 50-60Hz
• Maximum voltage range:
-AC input: 90-264VAC; 47-63Hz;
-High-Voltage DC input: 190 V DC to 290 V DC
• DC Input (S5850-24S2Q-DC & S5850-24S2C-DC): -36V DC~-72V DC
Power supply efficiency 89% (220Vac 50% load)
Input current 3A (MAX) at 90- 136Vac
Output ratings Main output: +12V Standby: +12V
Output holdup time 20ms
Power-supply input receptacles C13
Power cord rating 10A
Switching capacity 848 Gbps
Forwarding rate 630.9 Mpps
Total number of MAC addresses 49K
Total number of IPv4 routes (indirect routes) 24576
Total number of IPv4 host routes (direct routes and ARP) 3072
Total number of IPv6 routes (indirect routes) 1536 (IPv6 profile)
Total number of IPv6 host routes (direct routes and NDP) 2048 (IPv6 profile)
Total number of IPv4 multicast routes 1536
Total number of IPv6 multicast routes 512 (IPv6 profile)
QoS ACL scale 1276
Security ACL scale IPv4: 1208 (ingress), 464 (egress)
IPv6: 604 (ingress), 203 (egress)
VLAN IDs 4094
STP virtual ports (port* VLANs) for MST 64
Total switched virtual interfaces (SVIs) 256
Jumbo frame 9.6KB
Physical and Environmental
Operating Temperature 32°F to 113°F (0ºC to 45ºC)
Storage Temperature -40°F to 158°F (-40ºC to 70ºC)
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
Storage Humidity 0 to 95% (Non-condensing)
Temperature alarm Supported
Acoustic noise 46dB
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.72”x17.32”x13.78” (43.6x440x350mm)
Rack units (RU) 1 RU
Weight 13 lbs (5.8kg)
Distance -
Voltage (auto ranging) 100-240VAC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Current 3A Max
Power rating (maximum consumption) 55W
Mean-time between failures
MTBF (hours) 216,431.48
Connectors and Cabling · 1/10GBASE-T ports: RJ-45 connectors, 4-pair Cat5E/Cat6/Cat6a UTP cabling
· SFP transceivers: LC fiber connectors (single-mode or multimode fiber)
· SFP+ transceivers: LC fiber connectors (single-mode or multimode fiber)
· SFP28 transceivers: LC fiber connectors (single-mode or multimode fiber)
· QSFP+ transceivers: MPO and LC fiber connectors (single-mode or multimode fiber)
· QSFP28 transceivers: MPO and LC fiber connectors (single-mode or multimode fiber)
· Ethernet management port: RJ-45 connectors, 4-pair Cat5 UTP cabling
· Management console port: RJ-45-to-DB9 cable for PC connections
Power connectors · Customers can provide power to a switch by using the internal power at the back of the switch
· Internal power supply connector: The internal power supply is an auto-ranging unit. It supports input voltages between 100 (115 for 1100WAC) and 240 VAC. Use the supplied AC power cord to connect the AC power connector to an AC power outlet
Standards 802.1s, 802.1w, 802.1x, 802.1ad, 802.1d, 802.1p, 802.1q, RMON, SNMPV1 V2 V3
5 Years
Platform Benefits
Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) All 1G/10G/40G ports support MLAG
Connects to other switches and servers by LAG or LACP without other proprietary protocols
The software supports up to 63 MLAG members Support mixed configuration MLAG with S3950, S5800, S5850 and S8050 series switches
Metro Advanced License Support advanced features of MPLS, LDP, MPLS-L2VPN, MPLS-L3VPN, VxLAN-BGP-EVPN, IPFIX
LIC-FIX-MA license is required to enable the advanced features
Multicast Efficiency Support the IPv4 and IPv6 multicast functions
Support IGMP v1/v2/v3, IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3, MLD, PIM, PIM-SM
Data Center Features Support NVGRE, VXLAN, GENEVE
Support Priority Flow Control (PFC)
Support Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS)
Support Quantized Congestion Notification (QCN)
High Reliability Support 64-way ECMP routing for load balancing and redundancy
Support LACP, VRRP, VARP, Smart Link, BFD, ERPS, G.8031, G.8032, Load-Balancing, etc
Support the Spanning Tree Protocols (IEEE802.1d STP, IEEE802.1w RSTP, standard 802.1s MSTP)
Support STP Protocol Protection (BPDU Guard, Root Guard, Loop Guard, Anti TC-BPDU attack)
Support modular power redundancy
Support modular fan redundancy
Sound Security Protection Policies Support IPv4/IPv6 ACL and MAC whitelisting
Support ARP inspection
Support IP source guard
Support IEEE802.1X RADIUS authentication, TACAS+
Support DHCP Server Relay/Snooping
Support Control Plane Protect (CoPP) black & white list and rate limit features
QoS Support 13 hardware queues per-port (8 unicast queues, 4 multicast queues and 1 monitor queue)
Support Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED)
Support Tail Drop (TD)
Support Strict Priority (SP) scheduling
Support Weighted Deficit Round Robin (WDRR) scheduling
Support SP + WDRR mixed scheduling
Support traffic classification based on COS/DSCP (simple classification)
Easy Network Maintenance Support CLI-based, using console ports
Support WEB UI, Telnet, SSH, using 10/100/1000Mbps management port or service ports
Support SNMP (Managed by Zabbix) v1, v2, and v3
Support RPC-API for Software Defined Network (SDN)
Metro Advanced License includes the functions of MPLS, LDP, MPLS-L2VPN, MPLS-L3VPN, VxLAN-BGP-EVPN, IPFIX.
Metro Advanced License is offered as perpetual license.
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