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Several warranty packages guarantee a “Predefined Recovery Time” including on-site service

23/02/2017 -
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High-performance server systems are an integral part of any company. No matter which industry or company size, continuous availability and data security are the basic and most important requirements for a sustainable IT infrastructure. A data loss or a failure of the IT platform can result in high costs and loss of precious time and be ultimately a threat to the very existence of the company. If a server fails, it can quickly lead to a complete halt of the company. It is therefore essential to promptly fix problems with the server.

Several warranty packages guarantee a "Predefined Recovery Time" including on-site service

It is exactly for these problems the Hamburg Server expert Happy Walware Server Europe GmbH now presents its new server repair service with various warranty packages and individual service levels. So companies can be able to completely rely on the system availability at any time, Happy Ware guaranteed a predefined recovery time of the respective system – quickly, professionally and economically. In an agreement, it is guaranteed that faulty systems within a prescribed period of time are fully operational and ready for use again.



Several warranty packages guarantee a "Predefined Recovery Time" including on-site service Here companies can benefit from the HappyWare on-site service, because no matter whether servers, storages, blades or workstations, whether in the company, in a branch office or its clients: the repair by HappyWare is always with the system. This saves personnel costs, since no  IT specialist needs to be present on site. Also this leads to a better error analysis, because the cause of the failure is often easier to diagnose in the active working environment of the system. In addition, intergrated systems are of course in the error analysis. This leads to a faster repair. Of course, It goes without saying, that the error analysis is performed by qualified HappyWare technicians.


But HappyWare offers its comprehensive warranty services for the rapid repairs, not only for the server purchased from HappyWare, storages or workstations, but also for the improvement of third-party or external systems. Here, HappyWare also helps if the defect is outside the warranty period or the previous supplier makes any repair.

Several warranty packages guarantee a "Predefined Recovery Time" including on-site service

Thanks to the long-term and very good cooperation with many well-known manufacturers, HappyWare can repair faulty components of the server, etc. In many cases at the component level, so that the expensive complete Exchange can be avoided. If a very special repair is required, HappyWare forwards if necessary, the defective components to the manufacturer. The client will be informed before each step is taken on the expected costs. HappyWare extensively tests the hardware before re-delivery of the complete system to ensure that the client receives back a perfect system.


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